FastFloor is designed for use on existing wood or concrete floors; with FastFloor only a thin layer (15mm) of liquid screed is required. FastFloor sheets are available in two variations, 10mm thick and 20mm thick - both being ideal for in-floor heating.

FastFloor is your retrofit solution to enjoying all the benefits of in-floor radiant heat, without losing height in your space.

• Ideal for hydronic heating systems
• Rapid heat, even distribution
• Low weight, with high load bearing capability
• Low final floor thickness
• Self-leveling reinforced floor covering
• Non-flammable
• Acoustically insulated

The unique twin profile of FastFloor sheets allow the threading of 8mm and 11mm pex tubing between the two sheets. The tubing is highly flexible, easy to handle and provides long life performance; tubing is connected to a standard hydronic heating system using 2 and 4 port manifold adapters.

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